21 June 2022

Ministry of Endowments And Islamic Affairs Announces Arrival of First Batch of Qatari Pilgrims at Holy Land to Provide All Services Required By Them

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Doha, June 21 (QNA) - The Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs announced the continuation of the works of Qatari Hajj mission in the Holy Makkah in a preparation for creating conductive conditions for the entire Qatari pilgrims.
The Director of the Department of Hajj and Umrah at the Ministry of Endowments (Awqaf) and Islamic Affairs Ali bin Sultan Al Misifri revealed that the support units for the Qatari Hajj mission that arrived in the Holy Land during the past days in the first group continue their intensive work over a 24-hour period in the pursuit of creating all the conductive environments and harness all potentials to prepare for the arrival of Qatari pilgrims who will flock to the Holy Land in the coming days to perform Hajj pilgrimage for this year 2022 more expeditiously through coordinating efforts and following up on the latest equipment made by each unit of the Hajj mission which are integrated with each other.
He explained that the Qatari Hajj Mission is offering its services via its premises and offices established in the Al-Aziziya area in Holy Makkah, which are comprised of 13 floors, equipped with offices, meeting rooms, medical clinics, and support and assistance units in the mission, in order to provide the best services to Qatari Pilgrims through its affiliated units to make it easy for them to perform pilgrimage rituals, in addition to following up their affairs by coordinating with their affiliated campaigns and all concerned parties in this regard.
He added that the Qatari Hajj mission supports a host of units that provide specialized and quality services to pilgrims in the country, such as medical unit, the legal unit, information systems unit, center of the communication and support unit, control and inspection unit, Holy Sites services unit, administrative services unit, public relations and media unit, as well as coordination and follow-up unit and the airport.
Each one of these units is coordinating among them in mobilizing its efforts to provide the best service to Qatari pilgrims in order to make this year's Hajj season a success, and working to offer the best conditions that enable pilgrims perform their rituals very expeditiously.
The Director of the Department of Hajj and Umrah Affairs confirmed that all units have been working since their arrival at the mission headquarters to ensure offering various special arrangements for receiving pilgrims and afford outstanding level of services provided to them in the Holy Makkah and the Holy sites, prior to the arrival of the groups of pilgrims from Qatar.
He pointed out that Hajj mission units are steadily continuing their work through specific plans and programs that are constantly updated according to the requirement and current circumstances, as they are discussed with the various concerned units, with the aim of unifying efforts in the interest of serving the pilgrims.
The Director of the Department of Hajj and Umrah Affairs noted that all units of the mission are working intensively during the Hajj period to supervise the pilgrims of the country and the Qatari Hajj campaigns in the Holy Land, and to ensure that the campaign owners meet the required conditions and standards in terms of providing means of care and safety for pilgrims and adequate housing in accordance with what is stipulated. in the contracts concluded with them.
Ali bin Sultan Al Misifri indicated that Qatari pilgrimage mission offers multiple services for the Qatari pilgrims ranging from awareness raising to medical awareness that help preserving their health and wellbeing, in addition to providing support and assistance through the communication unit center , where the center constitutes a focal point between the service units and Qatari pilgrims. (QNA)


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