25 June 2022

Qatar to Participate Arab Media Strategic Action Plan Meeting Tomorrow to Support Palestinian Cause

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Cairo, June 25 (QNA) - The Technical Secretariat of the Council of Arab Information Ministers will hold on Sunday in Cairo the fourth meeting of the media experts group concerned with evaluating and updating the Arab media strategy action plan abroad, especially regarding supporting the Palestinian cause. The State of Qatar will be represented by the Qatar Media Corporation. In addition, the Arab League's member states, and media organizations and unions under the League's umbrella will all participate in the two-day meeting.
Director of Planning, Quality and International Cooperation Department Ahmed Ghasab Al Hajri and Head of the International Cooperation and Agreements Department Sheikh Ahmed bin Thani Al-Thani will represent the Qatar Media Corporation in the meeting.
During the meeting, the media experts group will discuss various aspects of the Arab media strategy action plan, which revolves around supporting the legitimate Palestinian cause in international public opinion, especially among the political, legal and intellectual elites. Moreover, the experts will also discuss the topics of counterterrorism and conflicts of extremism, as well as honoring elements of the Arab civilizational and cultural heritage.
The meeting will also coordinate the member states and relevant media organizations' perspectives to prepare a final draft, to be then submitted to the Council of Arab Information Ministers, most especially in relation to the completion of the launch of the media observatory for the sustainable development map, and the integrated platform project, as part of the objective of a comprehensive evaluation of the Arab media action plan, and identifying the best mechanisms for updating it in accordance with a coordinated vision which tangibly enhances joint Arab media efforts.
This meeting falls within the scope of the follow-up and implementation of the recommendations of the 14th ordinary session, issued by the Executive Office of the Council of Arab Information Ministers, which was held in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, in March. (QNA)


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