21 September 2022

PHCC Upgrades Clinical Pharmacy at Madinat Khalifa HC, Provides Drug Delivery Service to 73,000 Patients

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Doha, September 21 (QNA) - Primary Health Care Corporation(PHCC) celebrates World Pharmacist Day on Sept. 25, 2022, in appreciation for the pharmacist profession who offers health services from all aspects to ensure that patients are receiving an excellent therapeutic experience and utilize the best medicines for the patient's case in collaboration with the rest of the medical crew members.
Director of PHCC Pharmacy Department Dr. Manal Borhan Al Zaidan affirmed that the celebration of World Pharmacist Day 2022 will be held under the title:" Pharmacists in action for a healthier world", pointing out that the pharmacists of PHCC are offering numerous services, including reviewing and verifying the medical prescriptions written for the patients to ensure their safety and guide them toward the correct method of taking therapies, discuss the side effects that may sometimes affect some patients, in addition to delivering the medicines to homes which has largely contributed to reducing crowds and the spread of Coronavirus during the peak of the pandemic, pointing out that telephone drug counselling service has recently been updated based on the referral of the family doctor, and it has been applied in Madinat Khalifa Health Center and Airport Health Centre and will be operationalized soon in many PHCC centers, beside updating Clinical Pharmacy service in Madinat Khalifa Health Center, which specifically intends to set the therapeutic plan that best suits the patient's medical condition, reduce drug interaction and the cost of therapy in general, in addition to carrying out awareness activities to guide the patients on the optimal use of antibiotics and explain the menace of their misuse on the individuals and community alike, she said, adding that PHCC permanently operates to encourage the pharmacists to conduct the researches concerning the upgradation of pharmacy care.
She elucidated that the key roles undertaken by the pharmacist entail supplying the medical cadre with accurate therapeutic information and answering any medical inquiry with respect to drug and pharmaceutical stock management to ensure the availability of all kinds of therapies and their alternatives, in addition to their role in supplying the vaccines, such as COVID-19, affluenza vaccines et al.
With respect to the accomplishments made by the pharmacists crew members in diverse PHCC health centres during COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Manal Borhan Al Zaidan revealed that a delivery service has been afforded to over 73,600 patients, providing telephone counselling between the pharmacists and patients, in addition to the clinical pharmacy services, emphasizing that these services per se, have provided effective roles in safely overcoming COVID-19, pointing out that the performance of the pharmacists and the response of the pharmacy crew members were candidly swift and prompt in all circumstances and variations of Covid-19 pandemic at the level of health centres, adding that PHCC professionals are operating with the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management (SCCM) to provide the diverse quantities and types of Coronavirus vaccines, including the effective management of the cold chain for each type of vaccine, in addition to engaging in the major national campaigns to vaccinate the entire population of the State of Qatar, such as the vaccination campaign in Qatar National Convention Centre, beside 28 of PHCC health centres, asserting that the work is ongoing in all health centres on daily basis to complete the booster vaccines for the entire population of Qatar. (QNA)


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