23 September 2022

Russian Defense Ministry Announces Killing of over 320 Ukrainian Soldiers

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Moscow, September 23 (QNA) - The Russian Defense Ministry announced today that more than 320 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in Donetsk.
The Ministry said in a statement that the Air Force bombed units of the 81st Air Force Brigade near the city of Kramatorsk, Donetsk, killing more than 220 Ukrainian soldiers.
The statement added that in in the Donetsk and Ozernoye areas, units of foreign mercenaries were hit by fire, and more than 100 militants were killed, pointing out that 3 Ukrainian combat aircraft, two of the Sukhoi-25 and one MiG-29.
In the same context, the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that nearly 300 Ukrainian warplanes were destroyed during the Russian special military operation in Ukraine.
In total, since the beginning of the special military operation, 298 combat aircraft, 155 helicopters, 2,054 drones, and 376 air and missile defense systems have been destroyed, the ministry said.
It explained that 5,077 tanks and armored fighting vehicles, 844 rocket launchers, 3,410 field artillery and mortars, and 5,794 special military vehicles were destroyed.
Russia had launched a military operation on February 24 against its neighbor Ukraine with the aim of disarming it and uprooting what it describes as nationalists, but Kyiv and the West say that the operation is just a pretext aimed at seizing Ukrainian lands. (QNA)


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