29 September 2022

Palestinian Foreign Ministry Calls for Urgent International Intervention to Stop Israeli Escalation

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Ramallah, September 29 (QNA) - The Palestinian Foreign Ministry has called for urgent international intervention to stop the Israeli escalation before it is too late.
In a statement today, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry held the Israeli government fully and directly responsible for the escalation in the conflict arena, which is mainly the result of the escalation of the aggression of occupation forces and their violent and bloody incursions into Palestinian cities and towns, and its actions and measures that restrict the lives of Palestinians and paralyze their movement in their homeland.
The Foreign Ministry stressed that the escalation in the situation is an official Israeli policy that pushes the conflict arena into squares of violence, tension and escalation, the latest of which was what the Chief of Staff of the occupation army boasting about his decision to use drones in assassinations, extrajudicial killings and field executions. It also held the UN Security Council responsible for the consequences of its abandonment of its responsibilities in maintaining security and stability in the region, and for abstaining from making real efforts to revive the peace process and negotiations between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, while making efforts in other hot arenas in the world in a policy of double standards that strike what remains of its credibility.
The Palestinian Foreign Ministry criticized the fact that the members of the UN Security Council were satisfied with some formal statements, diagnosis of the situation, directing some criticism, or being satisfied with UN resolutions that are not implemented and remain It remains locked in drawers. (QNA)


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