04 October 2022

Minister of Public Health Affirms State of Qatar's Ability to Overcome Urgent Health Challenges

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Doha, October 04 (QNA) - HE Minister of Public Health Dr. Hanan Mohammed Al Kuwari underlined the ability of the State of Qatar to counter urgent health challenges and overcome all hurdles facing it, pointing out to the success the Qatari health system has made in overcoming COVID-19 pandemic.

In the three-day panel discussion under the theme: "Building health system resilience" within the event of World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH 2022), which convened Tuesday in Doha, Her Excellency outlined that the State of Qatar has dealt with COVID-19 pandemic with flexibility and excellently executed its plans, managed to build an information system that is capable of overcoming the emergency cases, provided the essential quarantine spaces and medical families, in addition to building the capacities of the medical practitioners to ensure their physical and psychological integrity.

Her Excellency Dr. Hanan Mohammed Al Kuwari highlighted that the measures enforced by the State of Qatar were the best among the other measures in the region and worldwide, where their outcomes were evidently impressive thanks to the speed of health coverage and reaching out to the infected cases in equal for all, indicating that such measures helped the engagement of all state bodies and supported the citizens and the solid network of medical practitioners, including the provision of scientific and health solutions, as well as data analysis and their perfect sharing.

With regard to the people's concern about receiving the vaccines, HE Minister of Public Health said that during that period MoPH had not been aware of more information about the vaccine, therefore the issue was approached form a scientific perspective and the science has been harnessed to further set the plans and take the decisions, in addition to engaging the audience on the things MoPH has been aware of and has not been aware of in every step, stressing that MoPH has optimized the investment in training the medical and administrative crews, in addition to constantly upgrading its plans to be better prepared for another potential health emergency case.

Her Excellency stressed the importance of cooperation, sharing data and building international information for the benefit of all in charting and revising their plans, because pandemics neither recognize the boundaries, nor adhere to them, pointing out at the same time to the importance of the role played by the individuals and civil society organizations to overcome such challenges.

For their part, the attendees in the panel discussion noted that the pandemic was different from its predecessors, in terms of the speed at which the pandemic spreads, because it is transboundary that prompts cooperation among all countries to collectively counter it, affirming the importance of sharing both information and data, achieving the readiness, helping poor countries, setting proactive plans and discussing them to figure out the strengths and weaknesses.

The attendees hailed the role undertaken by WHO in setting the technology-based plans and instructions and working to establish a special body linked to governments to further review the experiences and coordination among them, pointing out to the importance of cooperation and engagement to counter the transboundary illnesses.
The speakers also tackled the lack of equality in the distribution of vaccines, as well as the failures of the world during this pandemic, including lack of fund, shortage of medical cadres, hesitation of some peoples to take the vaccines, lack of trust in the urgent vaccines and methods of overcoming them in the future.

The first day of the summit featured a panel discussion on WISH report 2022 under the title: "A New Era for Vaccine Innovation: Harnessing the Lessons Learned from COVID-19" where the attendees spoke about the empowering factors of pharmacy innovation that extend from evolutions in technology to the operational excellence and the designing of the clinical experiments. They also discussed the policy recommendations to build on this progress for the sake of innovating the vaccines in the future.

Afterwards, a deep discussion was held on the topic of "Islamic ethics and health care for children in the age of genetics" where the experts discussed the Islamic ethical approach in addressing the various dilemmas surrounding pre-marital, pre-implantation, pre-natal, and newborn genetic testing.

The first day of the summit witnessed the discussions and other numerous activities, including a presentation session that included WISH 2022 creators shows, where 20 entrepreneurs were selected in the health care field to showcase their innovations in this year summit after winning WISH innovation competitions.

The first day of the summit was concluded with a panel discussion for the experts on bolstering the ability of global health systems on resilience, where the discussions were based on an evidence-based policy report that was prepared prior to holding the summit titled" Strengthening the resilience of the health system: Creating a road map to anticipate the situation in the face of future pandemics".

Coinciding with the tenth anniversary since its inception, the edition of WISH 2022 World Innovation Summit for Health comes with an actual presence since 2018, which is WHO's global health initiative of Qatar Foundation.

To further review WISH 2022 agenda and to virtually participate in the global summit during the coming two days, kindly download WISH application. (QNA)


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