31 January 2023

Turkish Authorities Arrest 14 Linked to ISIS


Ankara, January 31 (QNA) - The Turkish security authorities arrested 14 people on suspicion of belonging to ISIS in the Ankara district.

The Turkish Anadolu Agency stated on Tuesday that the anti-terrorism teams of the 'Ankara' Security Directorate carried out raids simultaneously at several addresses throughout the capital. As a result, they arrested 14 suspects belonging to ISIS and their communication with its active members in the areas of clashes.

According to security sources, the detainees will be handed over to the Presidency of the Immigration Department to deport them to their countries, after completing the legal procedures against them and investigating them.

It should be noted that ISIS had claimed responsibility for carrying out several armed operations that Turkey witnessed during the past years, which resulted in the death and injury of hundreds, the latest of which was a major attack carried out by the organization in Turkey.

It occurred on New Year's Eve 2017, targeting a nightclub in Istanbul, killing 39 people and injuring 79 others.



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