07 June 2023

Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Holds Workshop on New Climate Change Knowledge Portal

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Doha, June 07 (QNA) - Today, the department of green development and environmental sustainability at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change organized a workshop to introduce the knowledge portal on climate change that the ministry recently launched, in cooperation with the Our Heritage Center, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, and in the presence of a large number of representatives of government agencies and sector institutions. Private, research bodies and academics.
During the workshop, the attendees were introduced to the importance of launching the knowledge portal and facilitating its visit in order to obtain information from its correct sources, and to receive the comments of stakeholders. A discussion took place between the attendees and the presenters of the workshop about the effects of climate change in the State of Qatar and the measures it has taken to prevent these effects in the coming years.
Director of the Green Development and Environmental Sustainability Department at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Dr. Saud bin Khalifa Al-Thani said in a statement to mark the occasion that climate change is a global issue and one of the most important challenges of the present time. He called on obtaining accurate information on climate change in order to alleviate and deal with its impact.
He pointed out that policy makers depend on data to understand climate change, evaluate the effectiveness of current policies and formulate new strategies, and that obtaining data on greenhouse gas emissions saves energy consumption and contributes to setting goals and designing policies to mitigate these changes, and assessing progress towards climate goals.
He indicated that the portal will contribute to providing long-term insight into possible future scenarios, as it provides consistent data that enables comparisons and facilitates knowledge, and supports collaborative efforts to address climate change collectively, indicating that at the national level, the knowledge portal can be used as a basic tool to provide such This information is for ministries (policy makers), academic and research institutions, government agencies, private sector institutions and others.
He pointed out that the portal facilitates the exchange of knowledge and cooperation between various stakeholders, including policy makers, researchers and the public, and it will also serve as a central repository for information related to climate change, which facilitates access to important data, contributes to enhancing public awareness and provides an easy-to-use and information-rich platform. For the public to learn about the effects of climate change and actions that can be taken to mitigate its impact.
Regarding the national strategy for climate change, he pointed out that the strategy works to promote sustainable economic growth, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the country's ability to adapt to climate change, indicating that developing the climate change portal at the national level plays an important role in achieving these goals.
With regard to international cooperation, he explained that the portal could facilitate international cooperation on climate change issues, and play an important role in global efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change. It could also play an important role in attracting interests for research cooperation and pilot projects from all over the world. Which can support Qatar's efforts to address the climate. (QNA)


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