11 June 2022

UN Calls for Accelerating Efforts to End AIDS by 2030

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New York, June 11 (QNA) - Data from UNAIDS shows that HIV infections and AIDS-related deaths are not currently declining fast enough to end the pandemic in eight years, as Member States have pledged to do.
Member States have highlighted the need to "work together to speed up progress on implementation," said the UN agency.
In advance of the meeting, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres released a report on implementing the HIV/AIDS political declaration entitled Tackling inequalities to end the AIDS pandemic.
The report sets out how inequalities and insufficient investment "leave the world dangerously underprepared to confront the pandemics of today and tomorrow." It also highlights solutions, including HIV prevention and societal enablers; community-led responses; equitable access to medicines, vaccines, and health technologies; sustainable financing for AIDS and pandemic response; and the need to strengthen global partnerships.
Representing the UN chief, Chef de Cabinet, Courtenay Rattray, outlined three immediate steps to reverse current trends and get back on track.
"First, we need to tackle intersecting inequalities, discrimination and the marginalization of entire communities, which are often exacerbated by punitive laws, policies and practices," he said.
The Chef de Cabinet pointed out how stigmatization obstructs public health while "social solidarity protects everyone".
The second step was to share health technologies, including antiretrovirals, and make them available to people in all countries throughout the world.
Thirdly, more resources must be committed: "Investments in AIDS are investments in global health security. They save lives and money," he said. (QNA)


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