11 June 2022

Qatar Participates in World of Work Summit in Geneva

  • Qatar

Geneva, June 11 (QNA) - The State of Qatar participated on Saturday in the World of Work Summit with a high-level delegation headed by HE Minister of Labor Dr. Ali bin Saeed bin Smaikh Al Marri, on the sidelines of the 110th session of the International Labor Conference (ILC) currently being held in Geneva.
Heads of Government, Ministers of Labor and high-level officials of ILO member states attended the Summit which was held under the theme 'Tackling Multiple Global Crises: promoting human-centred recovery and resilience, The Summit discussed the urgent measures that can be taken by the ILO and its member states to tackle challenges facing the labor sector on the international level in addition to social consequences of the multiple crises in the world.
Participants addressed the challenges of the global labor market, including high unemployment rates, increasing poverty, lack of social protection and respect for labor rights, in addition to the effects of increased food and energy prices on social protection systems.
The Summit also discussed long-term challenges, such as climate change and the effects of coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the repercussions of the Ukrainian crisis and its impact on the world in terms of energy and food, which may result in economic crises.
The Summit identified urgent labor issues caused by successive crises with the aim of advancing relevant recovery measures and providing a real opportunity to enhance the role of the International Labor Organization in stimulating an effective response to social and labor crises and means to resolve them..
Meanwhile, participants stressed the need to support the public sector by adopting an integrated approach that responds to the realities of society's life in terms of providing jobs and social protection by strengthening the role of the ILO. (QNA)


General, Qatar
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