11 June 2022

British PM Johnson Calls G7 to Face World Challenges

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London, June 11 (QNA) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on the leaders of the G7 states today to take courageous and decisive steps regarding the Worlds big challenges.
Johnson tweeted that the monstrous Russian invasion of Ukraine shed light on the importance of the G7 countries for World Security, adding that he will call on the G7 leaders in their upcoming summit to take serious and courageous action to respond to international challenges.
It is worth mentioning that the last G7 leaders' summit took place in June of last year in Cornwall, south of England, where the Covid-19 crisis took center stage, and ways the developed states group can support developing countries to overcome the pandemic and to provide the developing countries with billions of Covid-19 vaccines.
It is expected that the War on Ukraine and its implications on European security, world food security, and international level inflation will take the rank top on the agenda of the G7 countries in their next summit in Bavaria, south of Germany.
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced earlier that he invited South Africa, Senegal, India, Indonesia and Argentina to join this next G7 summit, because the World needs the cooperation of these countries and regions to in order to advance in facing world challenges in the future. (QNA)


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