11 June 2022

QatarDebate Launches Research Fellowship Program

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Doha, June 11 (QNA) - QatarDebate Center, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science, and Community Development, announced the launching of a pioneering academic and research program, entitled the "QatarDebate Fellowship".
The objective of this program is to complement the mission of the center and realize its vision, mainly after the wide expansion of QatarDebate and its efforts in bolstering the culture of dialogue and logic all over the world.
The QatarDebate Fellowship represents for top-tier researchers, academics and activists from all over the world an exceptional opportunity to create an impact and develop the body of knowledge in the domain of debate and related fields of specialty. The fellowship is a specialized program offering a 2-year fully funded research scholarship to leading scholars and activists interested in the debate field. The fellowship stands out as the first of its kind within the international debate community, as it provides the fellows with an opportunity to integrate a global network of their peers, and it creates a fertile environment for the exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge, as well as building the human civilization through research and visionary projects.
Through collaboration with reputable institutes and organization from all over the world, the center offers all the support the fellows need by providing a two-year fully-funded research scholarship. The fellows benefit from training camps, access to the most important academic databases, and a total connectedness to the global QatarDebate network.
In this regard, Dr. Hayat Maarafy, executive director of QatarDebate, stated, "the center aims through this research program at creating a global hub where experts and researchers meet and contribute with their experience to forming a body of human knowledge; the fellowships objective is in fact to attract leading researchers and activists interested in the domain of debate and supporting them in presenting well-grounded research, and that is through academic and financial incentives in order to create an impact in terms of knowledge in the fields intersecting with debate, such as communication, leadership, critical thinking, creative thinking, ethical thinking, problem resolution, social impact, and other relevant fields." Abdulrahman Al Subaei, program director at the QatarDebate Center, added, "The focus of the center in the last few years and the coming ones is on expanding its activities and ensuring the diversity of the groups it targets with its programs. The QatarDebate research fellowship targeting leading experts and researchers is part of a series of academic and research programs for which the center dedicates extensive efforts and resources in order to develop the body of knowledge in the domain of debate and related fields." The main criteria of selection for the fellowship have been set, as well as its objectives and priorities. Applications will be open between mid-June and July 8, and the announcement of accepted candidates will take place at the end of July after the examination of all the demands in terms of selection criteria. These are based on research activities, scientific qualifications, as well as awards, personal skills, and success during interviews. In addition, the center indicated that the fellowship journey will be marked by 5 stages during the two years, which will be concluded with the presentation of final projects and graduation. (QNA)


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