13 June 2022

Arab League Calls For Arab Concerted Efforts To Counter Global Economic Crises

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Cairo, June 13 (QNA) - The Arab League stressed today the importance of making concerted and unified efforts among the countries of the Arab region in order to confront the challenges and crises encountering the global economy.
HE Secretary-General of the League of Arab States for Economic Affairs, Ambassador Mubarak Al Hajri said that Arab countries are not immune from the challenges of the global economy, which is witnessing the fallout from the political crises, armed wars, or economic crises that are almost afflicting the economies of countries.
Al Hajri stressed, in a speech he delivered during the launch ceremony of the unified Arab economic report for 2021 at the Arab League, the requirement for concerted and unified efforts among the countries of the Arab region and to achieve more joint cooperation between joint Arab action organizations to overcome the challenges of unemployment, poverty, and the dwindling of valuable industrial exports of high additive and others. He said the existence of such economic documents, including the unified Arab Economic Report remains of utmost importance in the midst of those challenges.
He pointed out that in light of the challenges of the Russian-Ukrainian war, which casts a shadow over the Arab region in providing some food products such as wheat, corn and others, which some Arab countries depend on to obtain from those two countries, there must be innovative solutions, strategies and development plans to bridge that gap, which the ongoing war will inevitably compound it.
He explained that the region possesses many elements that help it achieve agricultural development, including the provision of vast arable areas in the Arab region, amounting to 198 million hectares, of which 50 million hectares are exploited, which is equivalent to 25 percent of the arable area.
He pointed to the extension of the Arab region in multiple environmental belts, which enables it to produce a variety of agricultural crops, and offers great potentials to intensify agricultural production by expanding the use of fertilizers and improved seeds and limiting the waste of agricultural lands, in addition to technical agricultural cadres, and the existence of financial surpluses in some Arab countries, which can be invested in agriculture, pointing out that all these data and indicators are robust factors that qualify the region to achieve food self-sufficiency and counter any potential challenge in the future. (QNA)


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