13 June 2022

Exposure to Nicotine Concentrations May Damage Skin - Study

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Washington, June 13 (QNA) - A study conducted by the University of California Riverside revealed that exposure to nicotine concentrations from cigarette leaks and e-cigarettes may damage the skin.
The study was conducted using EpiDermTM, a 3D model of human skin, and cultured human keratinocytes.
The researchers found the effect of nicotine on cellular organelles, mitochondria and peroxisomes, which are organelles that contain enzymes involved in many metabolic reactions.
"We found that skin contact with nicotine may impair wound healing, increase susceptibility to skin infections due to a reduced immune response, and oxidative stress in skin cells," said Dr. Giovanna Puzuillos, a cellular, molecular and developmental biologist from the University of California Riverside.
She emphasized that the most susceptible individuals to infection are those who suffer from skin diseases such as ulcers related to diabetes or arterial ulcers. (QNA)


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