13 June 2022

Ehsan, NHRC to Organize Panel Discussion on Protecting Elderly on Tuesday


Doha, June 13 (QNA) - The Center of Empowerment and Elderly Care (Ehsan), in coordination with the National Human Rights Committee NHRC, is organizing a discussion panel entitled "Protecting the Elderly... Tools and Responsibilities," on Tuesday morning. This discussion panel will be attended by a group of specialists, in conjunction with the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD), which happens each year on June 15.
HE Deputy Chairman of NHRC Dr. Mohammed bin Saif Al Kuwari said that caring for the elderly is a joint social responsibility of solidarity between individuals and society, noting the keenness of Islam to honor and respect the elderly.
He added that the Qatari legislative system, foremost of which is the Constitution, emphasized the protection of the rights of the elderly in general, and the protection of the rights of social security, housing, work, and legal and social protection in particular. The State of Qatar has also taken measures in this field that would implement and recognize the rights stipulated in international human rights covenants for this segment, and ensure the strengthening of their role in society, in accordance with the concept of empowerment based on the rights and law approach not on the traditional concept of social welfare.
He stressed that despite the positive measures taken by the State of Qatar in the field of protecting the rights of the elderly, there are emerging problems and challenges that prevent a percentage, which may be few of the elderly, from enjoying their rights and weakening their positive role in society. He also stressed the need to shed light on the extent to which this social group understands its rights and the state's duties towards it, with regard to protecting it from abuse in its various forms, and working to familiarize them with the means and tools that protect them from abuse in all its forms.
On his side, Acting Executive Director of Ehsan Center Khaled Abdullah stressed the importance of this event in which the whole world expresses its opposition to violations and suffering that can befall the elderly. He added that the WEAAD is an occasion to unite efforts and have a dialogue and debate on the most important issues and rights related to the elderly, to raise societal awareness of the importance of finding solutions to stop the ill-treatment of the elderly worldwide, especially as it is considered a global social issue that affects the health and rights of a large number of elderly people around the world. This is what makes it an issue that deserves the attention of the entire international community.
The World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) is one of the global days that the United Nations has designated periodically and recurringly each year, during which events are organized to raise and improve the level of awareness of the problems faced by the elderly, such as abuse or aging, and to raise the level of awareness of the great importance of the prevention care, as well as therapeutic care for the elderly. This day also aims to rehabilitate employees working in the field of elderly care and develop their capabilities, motivate many organizations of a non-governmental nature, as well as families and individuals, in order to provide a healthy environment for the welfare of elderly people. (QNA)


General, Qatar
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