14 June 2022

189 Medical School Graduates Join Program To Train And Equip Doctors At HMC

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Doha, June 14 (QNA) - Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), the largest healthcare provider in the public health sector in the State of Qatar, announced the reception of 189 new medical school graduates to join the accredited residency training program, through the institution's Medical Education Department.
The Graduates accepted to join the program are basically coming from medical schools in local universities, including Qatar University and Medbay (Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar), where Qataris constitute more than 20% of those enrolled in the residency program at HMC this year, which indicates an increase in the number of highly qualified medical students in the state of Qatar.
The Director of Medical Education at Hamad Medical Corporation Dr. Abdullatif Mohamed Al Khal, said that the new graduates will substantially contribute to the provision of health care through the health system in the State of Qatar in the future, within the framework of the National Health Strategy.
He pointed out that HMC is committed to working closely with partners in academic health institutions to ensure the implementation of high-quality training programs based on the competencies associated with institutional accreditation by the American Council for Higher Medical Education, which include the core clinical training elements and the development of health care quality, good and effective communication capabilities and skills, and Medical professional knowledge, which is considered the core components of the qualified and successful physician.
Abdullatif Mohamed Al Khal added that the new medical school graduates in Qatar University will join their fellow graduates of the year 2021 who have become proficient in relevant training programs, thanks to Hamad Medical Corporations strict commitment to the high standards of internationally accredited programs, pointing to the many applications to join the residency program, where multiple medical graduates find what attracts them to pursue their specialized and advanced training, because Hamad Foundation is evidently illustrious and owns good reputation for educational programs.
He clarified that HMC, as it continues to accept graduates of medical colleges from across the country in its educational programs, it however, prefers to give priority to the cadres who are primarily interested in developing and following up their careers in the State of Qatar, in addition to contributing to the provision of health care services, education and research in the health sector in Qatar, and simultaneously the corporation believes in diversity in the components of the population In the country, which ensures the presence of highly qualified medical cadres operating to serve these different components of society.
The College of Medicine at Qatar University, which graduated the first batch of new doctors in 2021, had played a pivotal role in partnership with medical academic institutions across the country in preparing a new generation of qualified graduates, and the second batch of University graduates will embark on training the 58 of Qatar University graduates in 21 resident physician programs at various HMC facilities, many of which are holding accreditation by the American Council on Higher Medical Education.
The programs confirm Qatar's adherence to the health strategic vision represented in promoting the capabilities that are being trained in Qatar, and subsequently refine these capabilities professionally with the aim of reducing dependence on medical graduates from outside the country.
HMC is the first healthcare institution in the region to receive the prestigious institutional accreditation from the American Council on Higher Medical Education, while the institution's Education Department owns this accreditation for several resident and fellowship programs. (QNA)


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