14 June 2022

Minister of Municipality Stresses the Importance of Involving Private Sector in Recycling projects

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Doha, June 14 (QNA) - HE Minister of Municipality Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Subaie stressed the importance of involving the private sector in waste management and recycling projects.
In a speech during his participation in a panel discussion within the work of the second edition of the Waste Management Conference and Exhibition, His Excellency said that the ministry is betting, through the Integrated National Solid Waste Management Program, on raising awareness and involving all stakeholders, and is betting on the role of the private sector in implementing the strategic objectives for the growth of the circular economy in the State of Qatar.
The minister also revealed an experiment to provide an opportunity for private sector companies by assigning cleaning operations to them in 3 municipalities in the country, including investing in equipment and personnel for a period ranging from 5 to 7 years, and if successful the experiment will be generalized to all municipalities.
His Excellency added that the operations of the transfer stations (transfer and management) have also been fully assigned to the private sector, which will allow the ministry to rely more on this sector. on this regard, he referred to a new plant to treat more than 2,000 tons to generate power, which will be offered to the private sector during the coming years. The old landfills will be rehabilitated and offered to the private sector in the future and lands have been allocated to factories concerned in this field to encourage them to develop the field of recycling.
He pointed out that there are new proposed projects, the most important of which is the new engineered landfill, which was designed with a high level of safety, in addition to assigning cleaning operations to the private sector, converting waste to energy, and establishing waste sorting stations.
He added that in the field of legislation, plastic bags were banned, legislating sorting at the source, and recycling of construction waste in cooperation with a number of concerned authorities.
The second Waste Management Conference and Exhibition, organized by the Ministry of Municipality in the Sheraton Doha Hotel, concluded its activities Tuesday night. The conference witnessed a wide participation of relevant senior officials, representatives of regional and international organizations, companies, experts and local and international specialists in the field of waste management and recycling.
The activities of the second day of the conference included several presentations, including one on environmental legislation for hazardous waste, during which it was clarified that the management of hazardous waste in the State of Qatar is the responsibility of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, where the Department of Radiation and Chemical Protection is responsible for managing and regulating hazardous waste in The country, and the transfers of hazardous wastes are subject to the Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal and their classifications.
The second presentation of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change discussed the issue of control and inspection of waste management, during which it was noted that the Department of Industrial Inspection and Pollution Control is one of the most important control tools for the enforcement of the Environmental Protection Law and its executive regulations. (QNA)


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