15 June 2022

Biden Reveals Plan to Build Temporary Silos on Ukrainian Border to Help Export Grain

  • Bien

Washington, June 15 (QNA) - US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that temporary silos would be built along the border with Ukraine in a bid to help export more grain and address a growing global food crisis.
"I'm working closely with our European partners to get 20 million tons of grain locked in Ukraine out onto the market to help bring down food prices," Biden told a Philadelphia union convention.
"What Putin's war has done is not only tried to wipe out the culture of the Ukrainians, decimate people, and commit innumerable war crimes, but is also he's also prevented the grain thousands of tons of grain that are locked up in those silos," Biden added in his remarks.
The US President pointed out that the export of Ukrainian grain by land faces complications as Ukraine has "a rail gauge that is different than the gauge of the rest of the tracks in Europe. So we're going to build silos temporary silos in the borders of Ukraine, including in Poland, so we can transfer it from those cars into those silos, into cars in Europe, and get it out to the ocean, and get it across the world. But it's taking time." Ukraine is the world's fourth-largest grain exporter and it says there are some 30 million tons of grain stored in Ukrainian-held territory which it is trying to export via road, river and rail. (QNA)


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