15 June 2022

Qatari Forum For Authors Organizes Symposium on Arabic Language

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Doha, June 15 (QNA) - The Qatari Forum for Authors organized today a symposium entitled "Pioneering Initiatives to Serve the Arabic Language: Qatar Foundation and Its Role in Promoting the Arabic Language", as part of the program of the celebration of World Arabic Language Day.
During the symposium, the forum which was managed by the Director-General of the Qatari Forum for Authors Maryam Yassin Al Hammadi hosted the Director of the Department of Culture and Arts at the Ministry of Culture Salem Saeed Al Mansoori, who is Consultant in the Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture and Science, Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships at the Pre-University Education office at Qatar Foundation, Aisha Abdul Hamid Al Madahka, and Dr. Amal Mohammed Al Malki the Founding Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Hamad Bin Khalifa University.
Salem Saeed Al Mansoori said that Arabic language is the container of thought and its echo resonates in the horizons of society and the spaciousness of the human soul, and within its framework the interaction of ideas and in the system of its symbols the complete organization of the life of civilizations is expressed, indicating that it is the primary tool of officials, teachers and students in expressing their thoughts and self-expression, and in providing the skills of self-research and communication with others.
He pointed out that the state of Qatar has spared no effort in taking care of Arabic language and strengthen it as a language as it the language of the Holy Quran believing that the language is essentially safeguarding the nation and its identity and existence, since language carries ideas, relays concepts, and is a tool for contact and communication between the Arab peoples, as well as peoples of the world.
for her part, Aisha Abdul Hamid Al Madahka affirmed that Qatar Foundation operates to highlight the various projects that promote Arabic language through the initiatives that are organized by the Foundation and Hamad Bin Khalifa University, including Stars of Science and TED in Arabic language, in addition to pre-university education, by focusing on the Arabic language, identity and heritage, noting that Qatar Foundation has been commemorating and celebrating World Arabic Language Day by participating in distinguished activities and events at the local and global levels, which embodies the Foundation's commitment to consolidating the status enjoyed by the Arabic language and promoting its dissemination, as the language of the Holy Quran and the language of hundreds of millions of individuals worldwide.
Dr. Amal Mohammed Al Malki talked about the role of Qatar Foundation in promoting Arabic language and the importance of the Arabic language as a strategic goal, particularly in sponsoring efforts devoted to strengthening the Arab identity as language, culture, heritage and knowledge, and to providing access to comprehend the language and maintain its application, through education and dissemination of the Arabic language utilizing technology and new technical means of education and learning, as well as enhancing knowledge in Arabic language, with the aim of facilitating the exchange of knowledge across Qatar and abroad.
Qatari Forum for Authors, and as part of new "writer and book" weekly sessions run by the program manager, Saleh Gharib, during which writer Shaima Al Kildi was hosted to discuss her book "Almost Impossible Dream" issued by Darlusail (Lusail House), where she talked about her work that carries a deep message, a novel whose heroine is a girl with special needs who is exposed to situations and transformations in her life and go through different ordeals through the events of the novel, she conveyed several messages about some details that society neglects in the life of a person with special needs, whether they are auditory, visual, motor or cognitive disabilities.
The writer Al-Kaldi added that she was inspired by the novel from her niece with special needs, and it is a special gift for her, as she noticed that she finds it difficult to adapt to society and that she is affected by many simple situations with children of her age, and she felt the looks of sadness and joy in her eyes, which inspired her And stir her feelings and open her heart to write. (QNA)


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