20 June 2022

Palestinian Prime Minister Confirms Palestinian Right to Natural Resources Pillaged By Israeli Occupation

  • Palestinians

Ramallah, June 20 (QNA) - Prime Minister of Palestine Mohammad Ibrahim Shtayyeh emphasized on Monday the Palestinian people's right to gas and natural resources, which are being pillaged by the Israeli entity, calling on the world to never encourage the occupation forces in their attacks against Palestinians.
During the weekly session of the Palestinian government, Shtayyeh said that the world should remember not to encourage the occupying state to proceed with its violations against the Palestinians and their land, including killing, displacement, forced displacement, settlement and theft of water, gas and natural resources.
He considered the Israeli plan to establish a settlement park between Occupied Jerusalem and the Dead Sea as firing the last shot at the remaining opportunities for a two-state solution, separating the north of the West Bank from its center and south. He also warned the occupation forces of the consequences of carrying out the plan, calling on the international community to stop what he described as blatant aggression. (QNA)


General, Arab Affairs, Palestine
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