20 June 2022

Lebanese Premier: 85 of Citizens Below Poverty Line

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Beirut, June 20 (QNA) - Head of the Lebanese Caretaker Government Najib Mikati said that about 85 percent of the Lebanese people are living below the poverty line, calling on the international community to cooperate with Lebanon and repatriate the displaced Syrian people in the shadow of Lebanon's inability to bear the consequences of this displacement.
In press statements on the sidelines of the launch of the "Lebanon Crisis Response Plan for 2022-2023", Mikati added that it is now more important than ever to give priority to supporting local administrations, facilities, infrastructure, resources, and public services that are exhausted due to human pressure, in parallel with humanitarian support for the most vulnerable groups of displaced Syrians and Lebanese host communities.
He noted, "Over the past eleven years, Lebanon has shouldered unbearable burden due to the presence of more than 1.7 million displaced Syrians and Palestinian refugees living throughout the country. We have received the displaced Syrians with warmth and conviction, "which is our humanitarian duty," despite the fact of weakness and the fragility of the hosting Lebanese society, which is in increasing need and poverty.
He renewed the call for "the dignified return of the displaced Syrians to their country," calling on the partner, friendly and active governments, and the United Nations to redouble efforts to achieve the safe return of the displaced persons to Syria.
The Lebanese government entered into negotiations with the International Monetary Fund to prepare an economic plan to obtain loans, grants, and aid to save the deteriorating economic situation in the country. (QNA)


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