21 June 2022

Lebanon Signs Gas Import Agreement with Egypt

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Beirut, June 21 (QNA) - Lebanon signed an agreement to import gas from Egypt through Syria as part of efforts to improve the electricity supply. The new agreement is supposed to provide an additional 4 hours of electricity feeding.
Lebanese Minister of Energy and Water Walid Fayyad said in remarks during the signing of the final agreement to import gas from Egypt through Syria to generate electric power that the agreement will provide an electricity feeding of four hours in Lebanon, stressing that the country desperately needs it.
The signing of this agreement comes in the shadow of the electricity crisis in Lebanon, where the daily feeding hours do not exceed two hours, amid the inability of the Lebanese state to import enough fuel to operate electricity production plants due to the economic and financial crisis in the country and the lack of sufficient financial resources in dollars.
last January, Lebanon signed a contract with Jordan to import energy from it through Syria. The contract signed with Jordan was not implemented pending financing from the World Bank.
Lebanon has been suffering for years from a crisis in the electricity sector. The reform of this sector, which has cost the state a deficit of more than $40 billion, is one of the most prominent demands of the international community to support Lebanon financially. (QNA)


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