22 June 2022

/Qatar Economic Forum/ First Lady of Namibia Calls for Taking Advantage of Opportunities Available on the African Continent

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Doha, June 22 (QNA) - HE First Lady of the Republic of Namibia Monica Geingos called on the international community to reconsider the African continent in a new way by focusing on opportunities to invest in it, launching a comprehensive reform process, and helping it to overcome challenges.
In a panel discussion entitled "The Mother Continent on the Move" within the activities of the Qatar Economic Forum, Powered by Bloomberg, Her Excellency said that the African continent has new visions for the future and that it really wants to move forward with economic and political reforms, but it collides with the existence of disparities between its countries and differences from one country to another.
She indicated that what is happening in parts of the continent may not reflect reality in Africa, pointing out that there is a real desire, in general, to change reality and look forward with a new spirit, especially since the continent is rich in natural and human resources, which made Africans believe in themselves and that they have the ability to progress and develop.
HE First Lady also stressed the importance of giving young people in Africa an opportunity to take over the development process with a new perspective in line with the challenges of the 21st century based on the use of modern technology and digitization, underlining that African youth have potential capabilities, whether in the political field or in various other fields.
During the session, Her Excellency explained that it is possible to confront the multiple crises in Africa and find solutions to them, in partnership between all sectors of society in each country, and in parallel with a comprehensive dialogue that includes all public and private components, with the need to seriously consider the challenges of food security, democracy, energy and the political system.
She stressed the presence of many elements that would contribute to advancing development and progress in the African continent, the most important of which is rebuilding thought, understanding, systems and services, while attracting investments and creating the appropriate environment for them, and considering that the time is right to start a comprehensive development process that touches all areas with setting urgent priorities such as human resource development and facing economic crises.
Her Excellency cautioned that the long time that the comprehensive reform process may take on the African continent should not be a cause for despair but rather that all challenges must be confronted and resolved through the consensus and agreement of all that the reform path is a necessary and a reality that must be engaged in as soon as possible. (QNA)


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