22 June 2022

Russian Foreign Ministry: Moscow Willing to Help Export Ukrainian Grain

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Moscow, June 22 (QNA) - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation announced today that Moscow is willing to continue to fulfill its commitments regarding grain and energy exports.
Spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said in a statement transmitted by Russian news agency (Sputnik) that Russia is willing to help with exporting grains from Ukraine via foreign ships.
Zakharova added that they assert once again their readiness to continue to uphold their commitments to export grains, fertilizers, energy, and other important products.
She pointed out that despite the pressure of the unprecedented sanctions, Moscow is still providing food commercially through mutual channels, as well as provide food for the needy through the World Food Programme, especially to Yemen, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Sudan, Tajikistan, and Cuba.
Zakharova added that the Russian side urges the representatives of Western states and the United Nations to refrain from accusing Russia of blocking Ukrainian grain exports.
It is worth mentioning that Russia and Ukraine together produce 30% of the worlds supply of grain. Prior to the war, Ukraine was seen as the worlds bread basket, as it used to export 4.5 million tons of produce monthly from its ports. (QNA)


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