22 June 2022

Head of Communication and Support Unit Center at Qatar Hajj Mission to QNA: We Work Around Clock to Serve Qatari Pilgrims And Campaigns

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Doha, June 22 (QNA) - The Head of Communication and Support Unit Center at the Qatar Hajj Mission Khalid Waleed Al Hammadi emphasized that the center operates 24 hours a day to provide the best services to pilgrims and campaigns, in addition to receiving their calls and responding to their inquiries, as well as providing them with immediate assistance.
He said, in statements to Qatar News Agency (QNA), that the center has initiated the preparation for the Hajj pilgrimage season in Doha since the beginning of Hajj registration, by responding to pilgrims inquiries and getting them familiarized with Hajj arrangements, ways of registering through the electronic system, the necessary health requirements and other matters.
He pointed out that the Center for Communication and Support Unit operates intensively during the season in the Holy Land to further communicate with pilgrims and campaigns, as well as after the season of obligatory performance of rituals, as it proceeds to receive communications related to evaluation and complaints from pilgrims to submit the necessary reports to the Department of Hajj and Umrah Affairs, and avoid any potential problems that might arise next years.
With regard to the key work of the unit, Khalid Waleed Al Hammadi elucidated that such work is primarily fixated on creating conductive conditions and further take all the necessary measures and coordinate with the entire concerned authorities for the sake of expediting pilgrims distribution process into groups for the Qatari campaigns to flock into the Holy Sites, in addition to receiving the calls of the lost pilgrims and working to return them safely to the campaign premises, and receiving religious questions, fatwas and medical inquiries, noting that the center has field work teams that are mainly distributed in proportion to the movements of pilgrims, to ensure the movement of campaign groups and the movement of buses between the residences in Al Aziziyah and to the Grand Mosque of Makkah, or From the place of residence to Mina (City of Tents) on the day of Tarwiyah, from Mina to Arafat and then to Muzdalifah, and from Muzdalifah to the Grand Mosque or residence, then return to the camps of Mina to spend the days of Tashreeq.
However, pertaining to the communication and following up the operation of campaigns, he explained that the center has a direct contact with the campaign guider on all the buses owned by the Qatari campaigns, to check up on the safety of pilgrims, and to identify the problems they encounter, pointing out that the center is committed to ensuring that its work is meticulously prepared ahead of beginning of pilgrimage season.
Regarding the way of handling any potential emergency incident that the pilgrim might encounter or when he is not able to reach out his campaign premises, Khalid Waleed Al Hammadi noted the pilgrim can contact the center via the free hotline number and subsequently the center will communicate with him through the taskforce to pinpoint his location and the nearest point for him to further identify him to be returned to his campaign premises.
In addition, regarding the coordination between the units supporting the mission, Al Hammadi said that there is complete coordination among them, as the center forms a focal point between the mission, campaigns and pilgrims, where the center communicates the pilgrims's request or message to the relevant unit for further assistance, pointing out that there a coordinator with whom the center permanently coordinates to fulfil pilgrims' requirements.
At the conclusion of his statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Khalid Al Hammadi urged the pilgrims to adhere to the campaign program and stay within the group, calling for not to hesitate to communicate with the center, which operates around the clock to serve the pilgrims. (QNA)


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