02 August 2022

Palestinian Foreign Ministry Condemn Israeli Occupation Forces' Storming of Jenin


Ramallah, August 02 (QNA) - The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the Israeli occupation forces' storming of Jenin and its refugee camp, which led to the intimidation and terror of Palestinian citizens, including women, children, the sick and the elderly, accompanied by crimes that led to the martyrdom of a 17-year-old boy, Dherar Al-Kafrini, and a number of other injuries and the arrest of a number of other citizens.
The ministry stressed in a statement on Tuesday that the barbaric way in which the Israeli occupation forces dealt with Palestinians during their detention reflects the extent of the rampant culture of violence, hatred and racism in the Israeli military establishment and decision-making centers and issuing instructions and orders in the occupation government, which is another form of brutal treatment of the occupation forces with Palestinian citizens, in an unprecedented outrage to their lives.
The ministry called for urgent international intervention to stop the Israeli escalation campaigns, force the government of the Israeli entity to stop committing violations and crimes and respect international efforts to restore the political horizon to resolve the conflict. (QNA)


General, Arab Affairs, Palestine
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