02 August 2022

Somali Premier Announces New Cabinet


Mogadishu, August 02 (QNA) - Somali Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre announced the formation of the new federal government, which included 25 ministers and state ministers.
The new government included former ministers and prominent politicians, and a number of former ministers who retained their positions in the previous government headed by Mohamed Hussein Robley. It also witnessed the inclusion of one of the founders of the "Al-Shabab" movement and its former spokesman, Mukhtar Robow, who was appointed Minister of Religious Affairs, in a move considered by analysts a step that may help strengthen efforts to end the conflict between the central authorities and the movement.
Berri's government witnessed the creation of a new ministry, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, and the abolition of the Ministry of Relief and Disaster Management, while the ministries of Justice and Constitution were merged into one ministry.
It is expected that the composition of the new government would be presented to the federal parliament to gain confidence in the coming days. (QNA)


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