03 August 2022

UK Postal Voting for Conservative Party Elections Delayed Due to Fears of Hackers


London, August 03 (QNA) - British Conservative Party announced the delay of voting due hacking fears of changing of ballot papers.
The Daily Telegraph reported that the party's decision to postpone the voting came after consulting the government communications center responsible for information protection for the government and the armed forces, which warned of the possibility of hackers infiltrating the voting process.
The Conservative Party has decided to make changes to the original plans, as voters won't be allowed to change their choice after voting by post or electronically, fearing that hackers could interfere with the vote and change its results, as well as each member will have online code that will be deactivated once the ballot company receives a postal vote, the newspaper reported.
Around 160,000 Conservative members will receive the postal voting papers this week, according to the party's announcement.
Former Secretary of the Treasury Rishi Sunak and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss are competing in the final round to select the party leader and the next Prime Minister to succeed Mr. Boris Johnson.
The name of the party leader who will become the new Prime Minister will be announced Sept. 5. (QNA)


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