03 August 2022

Endowment Ministry, Defense Ministry Sign Agreement to Promote Societal Partnership with State Agencies

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Doha, August 02 (QNA) - The Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs has signed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Defense regarding luring the National Service Academy (NSA) recruits to join professions of imams, preachers and muezzins, in accordance with the wise leadership's visions and aims to provide mosques nationwide with Qatari imams, preachers and muezzins as the most able to understand the issues, needs and aspirations of their society.
The agreement was signed by Director of Mosques Management Department Mohammed Hamad Al Kuwari and National Service Academy Staff Manager Brigadier Saud Ali Al Henzap.
The newly-signed agreement between both sides comes within the keenness of the Ministry of Endowments to promote societal partnership with the state institutions to achieve the Ministry's strategy to attract and qualify Qatari imams and muezzins to work at mosques across the country in belief of their effective role to enhance the society individuals' values and morals as well as boosting faith and brotherly bonds urged by sacred sharia.
The agreement states it is valid for three years as of the official signing date between both parties, and it automatically renews for a similar period or periods, while the Ministry of Defense announces the agreement's aims to the National Service Academy conscripts to educate them on the project via a presentation prepared and presented by the Ministry of Endowments. The Ministry of Defense, in return, receives applications from those aspiring to join the imams and preachers private courses by the academy's Morale Affairs Department with the selection process based on the conditions and regulations stated by the Ministry of Endowments.
The agreement also states that the Ministry of Endowments trains candidates for professions of imams and preachers by a highly selected group of specialized teachers and preachers as well as providing books and required materials to enable teachers accomplish their training tasks, and the ministry of defense will secure a highly-equipped course center at the academy headquarters.
The Ministry of Endowments will test trainees by the end of the course to make sure they fully grasped the taught materials through a written test that must be passed as well as an oral test on three parts of the Holy Quran. Then, both parties will coordinate organizing a graduation party for successful trainees, which prompts the national service Academy conscripts to take part in subsequent courses.
The Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs will task the qualified imams to work as imams and muezzins for all prayers and taraweeh and tahajjud prayers during the holy month of Ramadan at all mosques. (QNA)


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