04 August 2022

NATO Secretary-General Warns of Russia's Attack on Its Neighbors

  • NATO

Oslo, August 04 (QNA) - NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg warned of the possibility of Russia attacking more neighboring countries, especially Norway if President Vladimir Putin won the Ukraine war.
"If Russia wins this war, he will have confirmation that violence works. Then other neighboring countries may be next," he said.
He stressed the importance of Western countries and the United States support for Ukraine to repel the Russian military operation against it.
Stoltenberg explained that NATO's next task is to prevent the conflict from expanding, adding that the Russian military operation highlighted the Western alliance's importance in defending Europe.
Also, NATO Secretary-General pointed out that Russia is preparing for a counterattack in the south of Ukraine, describing the current phase of the conflict as a war of attrition.
In July, NATO signed the procedures for ratifying the accession of Sweden and Finland shortly after the decision to accept the two countries' candidacy for the alliance members. (QNA)


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