14 September 2022

Officials to QNA: Arab Volunteer Day Promotes Volunteerism Culture

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Doha, September 14 (QNA) - Officials stressed that the Arab Volunteer Day, which falls on Sep. 15 of each year, is an opportunity to promote the culture of volunteering in the community that values volunteering in public life in the State of Qatar.
President of the Pioneers for Voluntary Work and President of the Arab Federation for Voluntary Activities (AFVA) Dr. Yousef Ali Al Kathim said in an exclusive statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA) that the Arab Volunteer Day, which is held this year under the slogan "Volunteering is a permanent giving," contributes to achieving the vision of the AFVA in activating community participation by spreading the culture of volunteer work and supporting volunteer initiatives and projects, noting that the slogan of the federation this year seeks to be among the priorities of all organizations at the level of the Arab world, to achieve the vision and objectives of the federation, which include spreading the culture of volunteering in all Arab countries, developing preparation and training projects in the fields of volunteer work, as well as studying, developing and marketing volunteer ideas and projects.
Al Kathim affirmed that the federation aspires to be a comprehensive Arab project through qualitative volunteer programs and initiatives that contribute to the development of collective awareness, leading to the building of an integrated database for volunteer work, highlighting the role of volunteers and supporters of volunteer work, excellence in performance, partnership, transparency and working in the spirit of professional community.
Regarding the federations new programs and initiatives, the federation seeks to inspire a new generation, especially young people, to carry the banner of volunteer work in Qatar and the Arab world, which was recently focused on in the annual volunteer youth forum held last July, where participation in it was by presenting working papers, training courses and seminars aimed at promoting the culture of volunteering among youth, he explained.
The President of AFVA added that coordination will be continuous and effective with the bodies specialized in volunteer work in Qatar, and that there are more than 18 bodies in Qatar interested in volunteer work, which are invited to this annual celebration that takes place on the Arab Volunteer Day, which is celebrated in mid-September.
Over the course of 19 years, the AFVA has been able to make many achievements, both at the central level and at the field level, and this as a whole indicates the degrees of success, pointing to the federations role in preparing volunteers who were subject to FIFA standards and specifications to participate as volunteers in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. There are a large number of volunteers who will have an active role in this tournament, he added.
For his part, Executive Director of the Qatar Voluntary Center Maaidh Jubran Al Qahtani confirmed in a similar statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA) that the celebration of the Arab Volunteer Day enhances the culture of volunteer work that has developed among the segments of society, which is what the center has always sought, as it works to attract volunteers.
Al Qahtani said that the center seeks to enhance the solidarity of volunteer work with all community institutions, pointing to the improvement of the culture of volunteer work significantly through understanding the rights and duties of this work, and appreciating the efforts made by volunteers, indicating that the center is a member of the volunteers committee for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.
In 2003, the AFVA was established by a Qatari initiative and Doha was chosen as the headquarters of the AFVA in the founding meeting of the federation, and aims to achieve cooperation between voluntary bodies in the Arab world. The federation currently includes 19 Arab countries.
Qatar Voluntary Center, which was established on July 17, 2001, seeks to prepare a database or an integrated information center on volunteer work and volunteers in Qatar, in addition to developing volunteer work, attracting, training and qualifying volunteers, and providing them with the necessary skills to carry out volunteer work to the fullest, and in a way that clearly entrenching in them the positive participation, provision of assistance and inspiration the spirit of teamwork, altruism and charity. (QNA)


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