14 September 2022

CPI Sees 4.8% Increase in August 2022 YoY

  • Planning and Statistics Authority

Doha, September 14 (QNA) - The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for August 2022 peaked 103.78 points to see a 4.8 percent increase compared to the same month in 2021 and a 0.13 percent surge compared to July 2022, the Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA) said in a statement on Wednesday.
The CPI includes 12 main groups of consumer goods, under which 737 goods and services fall, and is calculated on a base year 2018 according to the results calculated from the data of the household income expenditure survey 2017-2018.
The statement attributed the year-on-year increase to surges in eight groups that go as follows: "Recreation and Culture" by 27.88 percent, followed by "Housing, Water, Electricity and other Fuel" by 8.75 percent, "Food and Beverages" by 5.77 percent, "Clothing and Footwear" by 2.24 percent, "Restaurants and Hotels" by 1.49 percent, "Furniture and Household Equipment" by 1.39 percent, "Miscellaneous Goods and Services" by 0.36 percent, and "Education" by 0.31 percent.
A slight decrease has been shown in price levels in "Health" by 3.38 percent, "Transport" by 3.2 percent, and "Communication" by 1.24 percent. No changes recorded on "Tobacco".
On a monthly basis, CPI saw a surge in five groups versus June 2022 as follow: "Housing, Water, Electricity and other Fuel" by 2.61 percent, "Food and Beverages" by 2.16 percent, "Clothing and Footwear" by 0.43 percent, "Miscellaneous Goods and Services" by 0.11 percent, and "Education" by 0.05 percent.
In the same context, a monthly decrease has been recorded on four main groups namely: "Recreation and Culture" by 4.33 percent, "Transport" by 1 percent, "Restaurants and Hotels" by 0.19 percent, "Furniture and Household Equipment" by 0.09 percent. No changes recorded on "Tobacco", "Health", and "Communication".
After ruling out groups of "Housing, Water, Electricity and Gas and other types of fuel", CPI for August 2022 reached to 106.14 points to see a 0.46 percent decrease compared to July 2022 and a 3.89 percent surge versus the same month in 2021. (QNA)


Economy, Qatar
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