15 September 2022

Minister of Transport Inaugurates Sila Operation Center

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Doha, September 15 (QNA) - HE Minister of Transport Jassim Saif Ahmed Al-Sulaiti today inaugurated "Sila Operation Center", which will represent the nucleus of Qatars Public Transport Integrated Services.
The Center includes Sila Brand Management and Wayfinding, Unified Electronic Ticketing hub and related payment systems, Central Clearing house and test authority. The Center will also compliment the work of the National Transport Coordination Center and the Land Transport Safety Committee.
In the past few years, the Ministry of Transport has made strides in effectively improving public transport in The State of Qatar, thereby encouraging its usage. The ministrys initiatives included enhancement in public transport services such as introducing new modes of public transport, integration of a multimodal transport system, and launching Sila, which brings together the public transport network through services such as a journey planner through its app and website.
Commenting on the Sila Operation Center inauguration, HE Minister of Transport Jassim Saif Ahmed Al-Sulaiti said, "We launched Sila with the mission to bring together the State of Qatars public transport modes into an integrated network, offering people the smartest choices for travel and supporting the countrys ongoing development. Today, we take another step in that direction by inaugurating what will become a hub for all future sustainable public transport milestones, aiming to achieve a fundamental change in Qatars public transport network and enhance its efficiency to create a more connected and sustainable transport network for generations to come." Sheikh Mohammed Bin Khalid Al-Thani, Director of the Technical Affairs Department at the Ministry of Transport, said, "Sila is the result of an ambitious vision to connect individual public transport modes and create a sustainable future, ultimately benefiting citizens, residents, and tourists alike. Sila currently includes the metro, bus, tram, and taxi. It is being launched in phases and will include several initiatives such as integrated payment options, introducing new services and transport modes and promoting the public transport network through public awareness and marketing initiatives to reach a wide audience within The State of Qatar" Once integrated payment options are fully launched, the Sila call center will focus on managing all financial passenger inquires related to ticketing and journey planning, among others, while the individual public transport modes call centers will continue to manage all non-financial inquires. (QNA)


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