16 September 2022

Kahramaa Marks International Day for Preservation of Ozone Layer 2022

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Doha, September 15 (QNA) - Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) marked the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, in Kahramaa Awareness Park, where it held many events to spread and raise public awareness and educate about the ozone layer and its importance.
The celebration is part of the efforts of the institution and the state seeking to address climate change and gradually get rid of pollutants, which damage the ozone layer over time, to secure a healthy environment for today and future generations of its positive impacts on physical health, the mentality of society, and the economic and social development sponsored by the State of Qatar in line with its National Vision 2030.
Since it was established, Kahramaa served as a primary partner for the public and private sectors, and as a permanent supporter of all strategic initiatives and plans that promote environmental work and aim to reduce carbon emissions.
One of the last of these initiatives was its partnership with the Qatar National Action Plan for Climate Change 2030, which was launched by the Ministry of Municipality and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, where the long-term plan aims to achieve harmony and consistency between the economic, urban and industrial development in the country in all sectors. It also seeks to protect the environment and its natural resources as part of the global efforts to reduce climate change and reduce carbon on an international level.
Kahramaa has a sensitive position on the map of climate action and environmental protection locally, as it is exclusively responsible for the process of distributing electric power and water in the State of Qatar prompting its important role of monitoring all its activities and infrastructure projects, ensuring sustainability standards in all its operations and using the latest environmentally friendly technologies.
This role also extends to the work of other governmental and private agencies, where Kahramaa cooperates with the relevant authorities in the sectors of electricity, water and district cooling to ensure the achievement of those standards and the protection of the environment. (QNA)


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