17 September 2022

Qatar Forum for Authors Holds New Session of "My First Book" Initiative

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Doha, September 17 (QNA) - Qatar Forum for Authors has held a new session of its 'My First Book' initiative via its YouTube channel and social media platforms.
At the beginning of the session, moderated by Writer and Translator Dhafer Iden Darkoushi, Writer Ahmed Al Hammadi spoke about the release of his first book "Prisoner of Conscience", and the details of his entry into the field of literary writing.
Al Hammadi said that he started writing his collection of stories in late 2013, and then presented it to several critics, storywriters and novelists, and it was distributed in Qatar in 2014, pointing out that the collection consists of seven short stories, each of which is located on about seven or eight pages, and touches on a number of social issues and ways to treat them through narrative.
He added that it is a reading of the social scene in the Gulf, as well as humanitarian and global issues, adding that he draws ideas for his literary works from social networking sites, his daily experiences and from his various readings.
The writer explained that he chose to follow a simple narrative style to ease the reader who can no longer bear the complications after getting used to the digital space and social networking sites, which rely on tweets and short blogs, as he usually begins his work with a summary to put the reader in the context of events, and then smoothly dive into the details. (QNA)


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