18 September 2022

Tunisia Raises Fuel Prices For 4th Time In 2022

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  • Tunisia

Tunis, September 18 (QNA) - The Tunisian Ministries of Industry and Mines, Energy, Trade and Export Development approved a new increase in fuel prices, starting from Sunday, making this increase the fourth during 2022 so far.
According to this decision, the price of unleaded premium gasoline was raised by 70 millimes, bringing the new price to 2,400 millimes, the price of sulfur- free diesel was also increased by 70 millimes, bringing the price of a liter of 2,080 millimes, and regular diesel to 1860 millimes per liter, an increase of 70 millimes.
The increases also included the prices of liquefied gas bottles, bringing the price of a 13-kg cylinder to 8800 millimes, noting that this substance has not recorded any price adjustment since 2010.
As for high-grade fuels whose consumption does not exceed 1% of the total fuel consumption, such as premium unleaded gasoline and sulfur-free diesel , an adjustment in their prices has been approved in the range of 5%.
This is due in light of the continuing rise in fuel prices in the global market as a result of the Ukrainian crisis, and the turmoil in energy markets related to reduced supplies and the high cost of petroleum materials. (QNA)


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