18 September 2022

Massive Strike in Jerusalem Schools Monday in Protest Against Imposing Israeli Curricula

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Jerusalem, September 18 (QNA) - National and Islamic forces in Jerusalem have announced a massive strike for the entire schools in Jerusalem starting from Monday, Sep. 19, 2022, in rejection of the Israeli education curricula.
In a joint statement, forces teamed up with a substantial number of students guardian in Jerusalem and held all schools the national, religious and moral responsibility for deviating from the consensus of the people and violating the national position, reiterating the adherence of Jerusalemites to their firm and vehement rejection to the attempts of imposing fake or updated education curricula in the entire schools that are largely different from their academic references underscoring their rejection to any curriculum other than the Palestinian one.
They also rejected the financial blackmail practiced by the Israeli Ministry of Education and the occupation municipality in the city against school administrations, including the policy of overt and covert threats towards them.
They stressed the right of the Palestinian people to choose the curriculum taught to their children, calling on the relevant international institutions to uphold their responsibilities, curb the occupation and its executive branches, and protect Palestinian educational institutions.
The statement also called on the Palestinian government to provide real alternatives and to secure the actual needs and resources necessary to protect the Palestinian curriculum, away from loose slogans and phrases. (QNA)


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