19 September 2022

NAMA Launches Training Program to Improve Life Pattern


Doha, September 19 (QNA) - The Social Development Center (NAMA), one of the centers affiliated with Qatar Foundation for Social Work which works under the umbrella of the Ministry of Social Development and Family, has launched a new program to improve the life patterns under the slogan "Safe Digital Community" with the objective of promoting the lifestyle of adolescents by spreading the awareness of culture with respect to safe and proper use of the digital community.

The event is set to be held at the venues of both Ali Bin Jassim Bin Mohammed Al Thani Secondary Independent School for Boys, and Al Wajba Preparatory Girls School.

The program primarily targets the students of preparatory and secondary schools whose ages range between 13 and 17- year old, as the program seeks to assist this vital category in the community to further enjoy balanced life through upgrading their knowledge and enhancing their positive behaviors.

In a statement Monday, NAMA reported that the program was specifically designed to train and qualify adolescents, making them more responsible for their health and protection through self-understanding, development and upgrading, and stimulating them to play an instrumental role in supporting and creating new, wholesome and safe choices, help them acquire the essential social skills to deal with the external world and respect the others, in addition to other fields that promote life qualify of individuals and family that essentially constitute safe and secure adolescent period and upbring effective and qualified generations for the service of the community.

In commensurate with the program's slogan, the training session will largely focus on a multitude of themes that would contribute to building the adolescent character based on proper fundamental, notably the concept of digital community, spreading awareness and generalizing positive digital life, safe digital citizenry, digital behavior, in addition to safe, moral and responsible utilization of digital means, safe digital relations, digital protection through legislations and laws, as well as the most important challenges currently exist in the digital world and ways to overcoming them.

In this context, Executive Director of NAMA Saba Mohammed Al Fadala said that in light of the substantial digital evolution which is accelerating rapidly, the State of Qatar has been keen to promote the quality of digital life, lay the foundation of safe and positive digital community for all, and accordingly, NAMA sought, through this program, to improve the adolescents' life patterns and granting them the essential tools required to enable them to consciously deal with the technological variations around them, pointing out that the center embarked on preparing generations that are capable of comprehending the digital world and dealing with it consciously and responsibly to foster their positive citizenry, and immunize them with knowledge and science to safely navigate through this field which is candidly fraught with risks and challenges, prior to paving the way for them to cope with the digital evolution, adding that the entire initiatives and various entrepreneurships are stemming from the advanced vision of anticipating the future and improving the quality of life for all segments of community, stressing that the quality of digital life is one of the most important elements and pillars of building a better life for the individual and community.

In addition, the program is scheduled to be implemented in 14 preparatory and secondary schools (7 schools for sons & 7 schools for girls) with an average of two days for each school course of 4 hours of training per day.



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