19 September 2022

Over 200 Armenian Soldiers Killed in Confrontations with Azerbaijan


Yerevan, September 19 (QNA) - The Armenian Security Council revealed that more than 200 Armenian soldiers were killed last week in the worst border confrontations with Azerbaijan in years.

The Armenian Security Council reported that 207 including three civilians, were killed, adding that some civilians were missing, while 293 soldiers and three civilians were wounded.

He noted that 20 soldiers were captured by the Azerbaijani army.

In Baku, the Azerbaijani authorities announced that 79 soldiers were killed in the recent clashes.

Last week, armed clashes erupted on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which lasted for two days, and resulted in dozens of deaths on both sides, before the two sides reached a truce.

The two sides exchange accusations of being responsible for the outbreak of fighting this week over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, and these clashes are the most violent since the 2020 war, which lasted for six weeks and left thousands dead.



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