20 September 2022

Washington Stresses Backing for Armenia-Azerbaijan Peace Talks


New York, September 20 (QNA) - US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Monday that his country supports peaceful talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan.
This came during a meeting Blinken held with the two nations foreign ministers together in New York after bloody clashes that left dozens killed and wounded.
Blinken affirmed that he was encouraged there had been no violence for several days, adding that strong and sustainable diplomatic engagement is the best path for everyone, and that there is a path to a durable peace that resolves the differences through diplomacy.
Last week, 207 Armenian soldiers and 79 Azeri military personnel were killed in the worst border confrontations since the 2020 War.
This unprecedented escalation threatened to torpedo a fragile peace between the two countries which share borders of almost 1000 kilometers. (QNA)


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