21 September 2022

US Allocates $100 Million to Fund New Atlantic Environmental Initiative

  • USA

New York September 21 (QNA) - The United States has allocated an additional $100 million to fund a new Atlantic initiative to support the environment in the Atlantic Ocean and reduce illegal fishing.
The new amount will be in addition to the nearly $400 million spent each year on maritime initiatives in the Atlantic.
The United States headed the initiative, which includes 18 countries on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, with the aim of intensifying their cooperation.
The White House issued a joint statement of 18 countries, including Britain, Canada and Spain, during exploratory talks to establish the initiative.
The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said at the meeting that the countries will cooperate in envisioning greater cooperation on both sides of the entire Atlantic, in both the north and the south.
He added "We know we can't take for granted the free and open maritime trade that employs so many of our citizens, the undersea cables that connect us, the fish stocks and wildlife that sustain us. Only together can we address rising challenges and threats to our Atlantic future." The amount is expected to be allocated by the US Congress, to be added to the approximately $400 million spent each year on maritime initiatives in the Atlantic Ocean.
According to United Nations figures, one in five fish on the market come from illicit fishing, translating into losses of up to $23 billion per year.
That harms coastal communities that rely on sustainable fish stocks for their income, for food, Antony Blinken explained.
The new Atlantic grouping will look to develop a "Sustainable ocean economy" and improve cooperation on search and rescue operations and fighting piracy. (QNA)


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