21 September 2022

Behavioral Healthcare Center Organizes Workshop on Behavioral Deviations

  • QNA-DQTR-21-9-2022

Doha, September 21 (QNA) - The Behavioral Healthcare Center (BHC) (Daam), of the Qatar Foundation for Social Work, which operates under the umbrella of the Ministry of Social Development and the Family (MSDF), in cooperation with the Juvenile Police Department of the Ministry of Interior, organized a workshop on "How to address the behavioral deviations of the offenders and the victim in the cybercrime".
The axes of the workshop focused on: identifying the most prominent cybercrime related to behavioral deviations, and types of behavioral deviations associated with cybercrime, in addition to offering means and solutions to address behavioral deviations for the offender and the victim and how to deal with them. Mechanisms for controlling behavior were also proposed, to contribute to modifying the behavioral deviation of the offender.
In this context, Director of Community Awareness at the Behavioral Healthcare Center (Daam) Jawaher Abu Alfain said that cybercrime still represents an obsession for security authorities about how to control them, and find the necessary solutions to other behavioral deviations associated with these crimes, whether by the offender or the victim, and from this point of view, there was consensus between the Behavioral Health Support Center and the Juvenile Police Department at the Ministry of Interior on the importance of raising issues related to this matter to benefit from the security and societal aspect.
In turn, Head of Awareness and Information at Juvenile Police Department Captain Shaheen Rashid Al Ateeq explained that this training workshop represents an important step in activating the agreement, which will enhance the exchange of experiences and capabilities between the two sides. He also stressed the keenness of the Juvenile Police Department to enhance cooperation with the BHC in providing quality services, indicating the role of the department in spreading awareness and enriching the culture of society by educating all its groups, especially young people, maintaining a normal personality in society, and promoting positive behavior. (QNA)


General, Qatar
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