23 September 2022

United Nations: Palestinian Prime Minister Urges Donor Countries to Protect Two-State Solution

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New York, September 23 (QNA) - Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh affirmed that Israel has violated all the terms of the Oslo Accord, which is marking the 29th anniversary of its signing, politically, geographically, security, economically and financially.
In his speech during the Meeting of the International Donor Group for Palestine (AHLC) on Thursday evening at the UN headquarters in New York, which was chaired by Norway and attended by representatives of 30 countries and international institutions, he explained that Israel's strategy is based on destroying the two-state solution through settlement construction, the wall of annexation and expansion, the siege of Gaza, the isolation of Jerusalem, and the fragmentation of the land.
Shtayyeh added that the question before us today is how to protect the two-state solution? This needs to develop a vision to protect this solution, and put practical measures conducive to its achievement. The answer to this question must include stopping settlements and recognizing the second state (Palestine), with Jerusalem as its capital.
The Palestinian Prime Minister affirmed that the Israeli side is required to respect the agreements, stop the destruction of the two-state solution, stop settlements and attacks, and enable the Palestinian people to reach their sanctities, stressing at the same time, that the international community is also required to continue to help to preserve the hope of the people, protect the two-state solution through serious and real measures, and oblige Israel to do so.
He explained that Israel has implemented little of what it promised during the previous meetings, all of which are technical issues without a political horizon, affirming that the economic measures are important, but the political framework is more important. (QNA)


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