23 September 2022

Armenian Defence Ministry: Armenian Forces Opened Fire at Border Areas, Forcing Azerbaijan to Respond

  • Armenia

Baku, September 23 (QNA) - The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry announced today that the Armenian side has violated the truce signed a few days ago, after firing at several border posts between the two countries.
In response to the Armenian Defense Ministry's accusation of the Azerbaijani armed forces of opening fire on Armenian positions, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry denied the accusation, saying, "Armenia has violated the truce since last night, which forced us to respond." The ministry said, in a statement, that units of the Armenian forces fired at several border areas.
On the other hand, the Armenian Ministry of Defense accused the Azerbaijani armed forces of opening fire at Armenian positions, in violation of the ceasefire agreement,saying that it responded to the shooting. However, they did not announce the casualties among its forces.
Yesterday evening, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan accused Azerbaijan of committing unspeakable "atrocities" during the recent fierce fighting between the two neighbors Last week, armed clashes, which erupted on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, lasted for two days and resulted in dozens of deaths on both sides, before the two sides reached a truce.
The two sides exchange accusations of being responsible for the outbreak of fighting this week over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, and these clashes are the most violent since the 2020 war, which lasted for six weeks and left thousands dead.
This escalation threatened to torpedo the fragile peace process between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which share a border of about 1,000 kilometers in the Caucasus.(QNA)


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