14 January 2023

Transitional Sovereignty Council in Sudan Calls for National Unity in facing Challenges

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Khartoum, January 14 (QNA) - Member of Transitional Sovereignty Council in Sudan Al Tahir Abu Bakr Hajar called for unity in face of the current challenges Sudan is undergoing, stressing the ability of the Sudanese people to bring about freedom, peace and justice.


During his address to a mass gathering in the state of East Darfur today, Hajar said that the country is facing great challenges, especially with regard to implementing the Juba Peace Agreement, pointing to the importance of achieving peace, justice and equality among the people of the same country, as well as providing those affected by the war with all rights through positive discrimination, due to the marginalization they experienced for a long time, yet to do so without infringing on the rights of others.


Hajar stressed the importance of concerted governmental and official efforts to establish social peace, to stop violence and strife, to reestablish law and order, and the rule of law, as well as implement the reconciliation conferences' decisions to go back to normality and peaceful coexistence, which is the basis for stability in Darfur.


The Darfur region is experiencing intensive visits by high-level officials to follow up on security and stability, as well as the return of life to normality in the areas that witnessed tribal confrontations and security breaches that led to the killing of dozens and the wounding of hundreds.

The region suffers from frequent security tensions due to the slow implementation of the security arrangements clause of the Juba Peace Agreement - the Darfur track, and the failure of arms collection operations, in addition to the increase in tribal disputes. (QNA)


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