15 January 2023

International Translation Conference to Kick off with Coronation of Winners for Sheikh Hamad Award for Translation

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Doha, January 15 (QNA) - The events of the 9th Annual International Translation Conference and Problems of Interculturalisation will start on Jan. 28, 2023, with the participation of an elite of academics and translators from various countries.

Organized by the Forum of Arab and International Relations, the conference coincides with a ceremony of paying tribute to the winners in the 8th edition of Sheikh Hamad Award for Translation and International Understanding, which is due to be held following the conclusion of the conference on Jan. 9.

The two-day conference is a cultural and intellectual forum for translators which will discuss a number of themes in 6 scientific sessions, the most important of which are: Arabic/Turkish translation, Arabic translation from and into Kazakh, Vietnamese, Romanian, Swahili and Bahasa Indonesia, the author's translation of his works, problems of self-translation, pioneers of Arabic translation in the last half century: Evaluation studies.

The conference will also discuss topics pertaining to the contemporary western and Arab philosophical concepts, and translating masterpieces of world literature into Arabic, and the need to re-translate them, along with the orientalists in translating the Arab intellectual heritage and the need to rectify it, as well as the translations of the noble hadith and the need to retranslate it. Likewise, the conference will tackle the pitfalls of translators and the need to find a professional scientific body to approve qualitative translations, translation and manufacture of dictionaries, artificial intelligence (AI), translation in times of pandemics, crises and wars.

Following the conference, the closing ceremony of Sheikh Hamad Award for Translation and International Understanding will be held with the coronation of the award winners of its 8th edition.
In addition, the award steering committee has previously finalized the process of the preliminary sorting of the nominations submitted for the award in its 8th season for 2022, as the participations come from 33 Arab and foreign countries representing individuals and institutions relevant to translation.

The participations have been distributed to Qatar, Spain, Jordan, UAE, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Kuwait, Germany, Morocco, United Kingdom, United States, Italy, Turkey, Tunisia, Niger, South Africa, Oman, Syria, Palestine, France, Canada, Lebanon, Libya, the Netherlands, Egypt, New Zealand, Romania, Indonesia, Tanzania and Kazakhstan.
The nominated works included the fields of various humanitarian sciences, including Islamic studies, literature, philosophy, social sciences, political sciences, and history. (QNA)


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