16 January 2023

Palestinian Prime Minister Says Persistent Occupation Crimes will Never Dissuade Palestinians from Defending their Rights

  • Palestine

Ramallah, January 16 (QNA) - Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh confirmed on Monday that the persistent crimes perpetrated by the occupation forces will never dissuade the Palestinians from adhering to their national rights and defending them.

In the preliminary weekly session of the Palestinian government, Shtayyeh called on those he described as "protectors of Israel" in the United Nations and international platforms to open their eyes and hearts to see the crimes being committed against the Palestinian people.

He pointed out that the occupation soldiers and settlers will continue perpetrating such crimes in all Palestinian cities, towns and camps, as long as accountability and punishment are absent.

Palestinian Prime Minister condemned the preliminary ratification of removing citizenry and residence from prisoners, describing it as a blatant violation against international norms and charters and human rights charters.

He denounced the attempts of the Israeli government to allocate large swaths of Palestinians lands for settlers, in addition to taking over 70 houses and shops in the Old City of Hebron, within the framework of the open and systematic war on the Palestinian existence, asserting that the Palestinian people will never surrender to this criminal aggression. (QNA)


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