16 January 2023

NHRC Organizes Training Program for Doha Institute for Graduate Studies Students


Doha, January 16 (QNA) - The National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) organized an intensive training program for Doha Institute for Graduate Studies Human Rights master's students, where they were introduced to the committee's objectives, mandate, and work methods in its various departments.

The NHRC granted the students training certificates after the completion of the practical training program that lasted for two months.

In a statement marking the occasion, the Director of Programs and Education Department of NHRC Hamad Salem Al Hajri said that the students received intensive training through which they were introduced to the departments of legal affairs, international cooperation, programs and education, public relations, and media. The students also received training on how the NHRC works, whether at the level of protection or awareness and spreading the culture of human rights.

He indicated that during the intensive program, the students learned how the NHRC works in regards to receiving complaints and petitions and ways to resolve them, ways to expand relations with international human rights organizations and methods of communicating and cooperating with them for protecting and promoting human rights, in addition to providing training on methods of spreading the culture of human rights and ways of preparing studies, organizing training programs, and media campaigns.

For his part, Head of the Human Rights master program at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies Dr. Moataz El Fegiry said that through this training program, the students acquired significant skills to link theoretical education and practice regarding the practical reality of the human rights field and how to achieve the strategy and messages adopted by the human rights institutions, which positively reflects on academic achievement and realistic approach of researches and studies that they will carry out in the institution.

He stressed the continuity of the training program due to its significance to pop-up students with practical experiences related to their majors; achieve required insights that enhance their educational attainment, self-abilities, and acquired experiences; and multiply their productivity.

He pointed out that practical training represents a strategic choice for any academic entity looking to prepare human cadres capable of meeting work needs and the rapid changes and developments happening in the labor fields.



General, Qatar
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