20 January 2023

French President Announces Increase in Military Budget to 413 Billion Euros for 2024-2030

  • France

Paris, January 20 (QNA) - French President Emmanuel Macron unveiled his vision for modernizing the military in his country on Friday, saying 413 billion euros (USD446 billion) would be assigned to the army in 2024-2030 up from 295 billion euros in the previous budget.

The French President said the major spending boost was designed to ensure "our freedom, our security, our prosperity, our place in the world", while taking into account the impact of the war in Ukraine.

Macron said the new 2024-2030 budget is a "transformation" program to adapt the military to the possibility of high-intensity conflicts, made all the more urgent since Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Macron added that France had to be ready for a new era, with an accumulation of threats. (QNA)


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