20 January 2023

About 100 Al-Shabab Militants Killed in Central Somalia

  • Somalia

Mogadishu, January 20 (QNA) - About 100 armed members of Al-Shabab movement were killed and dozens were wounded during a military operation by the Somali army in the city of Galad in central Somalia.

Somali news agency quoted officials as saying that the military operation followed a surprise attack by Al-Shabab militants on the city of Galad.

The Somali officials said that seven soldiers including an officer were killed during the military operation.

Earlier today, the Somali army announced that it had repelled an attack by Al-Shabab militants on the city of Galad.

Al-Shabab's attack on Galad comes after the Somali forces took control of the city, following the movement's withdrawal from it. (QNA)


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